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Noni Facts and Info

Recommended Dosage

Noni Juice
For the first 2 Days take 1 table spoon twice a day half an hour before breakfast and dinner. After 2 days increase to 3 -6 table spoons twice a day.
The lower dosage on the first 2 days is recommended to give the body time to adjust. You should feel positive changes after 3 - 4 days. Note that when you stop taking Noni Juice the benefits disappear again.

Noni Capsules
Take 3 Capsules twice a day half an hour before breakfast and dinner.

Consult your doctor if on any medication or taking Noni for any conditions requiring medical attention.

Is noni juice safe to drink?

Noni juice has been drunk by people across the world for at least 2000 years and constant reports from current noni users worldwide is that noni juice is safe!

Using modern reporting methods, we now know how many people report problems with noni juice: less then 1%!

And in virtually all those cases the reported 'problems' are tiny, allergic reactions €” which vanish in time.

So, what are the side effects from noni juice?

A small percentage of people do experience some small allergic reactions: itching, rash or diarrhea. And another, tiny group have slight side effects like belching, gas or nausea, or some diarrhea. All of these go within 24 hours.



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