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Noni Juice and your Pet

Adding Noni juice to the food of dogs, cats and other animals has been shown to help strengthen animals' immune systems, helping to fight viral and bacterial infections in the chest, skin, mouth and throat. Animals do not experience placebo effects so the benefits of using Noni can be easily seen.
Veterinarians, pet owners, farmers, and racehorse owners have been using Noni juice products with great success. Animals with diverse health conditions such as arthritis, injuries, West Nile virus, food allergies, heart problems, cancer, bowel disorders, muscular-skeletal disorders and other conditions have benefited from these potent Noni products. Noni juice has also be used in combination with alternative medicines for maximum effect and appears to reduce the amount of allopathic medication needed for most animal health conditions. 

How much Noni juice should my pet drink?

Well, there is an easy rule of thumb on that a healthy dog or cat, of normal size, should be given 1ml of Noni juice per pound of body weight for up to three times a day to maintain health and fend off disease. The maximum amount of Noni juice is one ounce a day.

But for smaller creatures, such as birds, hamsters and pet mice, give them between 5 and 15 drops of Noni juice per day. Less Noni juice if your pet is tiny.

trial your way to the right amount of Noni juice

Start giving Noni juice to your pet in small doses. For example, begin with just one teaspoon full of Noni juice for your cat, or two for your dog.

With a tiny pet, however, just 1 to 2 drops of Noni juice is right on Day One.

From that initial dose of Noni juice, increase to a full dose of Noni juice over a week.

Allergies? Put Noni juice on hold if allergies erupt

It is rare for Noni juice to cause any kind of allergic reaction.
Stop giving Noni to your pet temporarily. When the allergic reaction has disappeared, slowly begin giving Noni juice one more time. But this time use only a quarter or half as much Noni juice as above.

Noni juice is also for big pets

You can also safely give Noni juice to cows and horses. They can drink more Noni, of course. try from one to four ounces of Noni juice per day. Give them an extra half ounce on the above dose of Noni juice (ie 1 to 2 ounces) for every 50 pounds the animal is over 250 pounds.

Noni juice to treat pet trauma

When sickness or trauma hits your pet it will be safe to give them more Noni juice. Double or even triple their normal dose of Noni juice during this time. If in doubt, ask your vet.

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