Returning To The Roots – Noni Juice And New Zealand’s Rediscovery Of Ancient Traditional


Popularly known as Indian Mulberry, Noni has its origin in Southeast Asia and from Australia to Taiwan. While its peculiar shape is quite eye-catching, the unpleasant strong odor of it adds up to its peculiarity with the name ‘vomit fruit’. However, such peculiarity should not repel you from it as a healthy Noni has numerous medicinal benefits which are far more important than its putrid smell. Eat raw, with a sprinkle of salt, or make juice out of it –for your inflammation, headaches and body aches, this fruit can work wonders. Although there have been significant medical advances over the years, New Zealanders are now exploring the organic benefits of this super fruit derived from Morinda citrifolia. It was first sold in 1992 in powder form inside capsules by Herbert Moniz who patented a unique dehydration method of M. citrifolia and introduced Noni to Hawaiian commercial market.

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noni juiceNoni Juice –What It Is

With numerous benefits of Noni fruit, New Zealanders have reintroduced Noni Plants from which one can find the Noni Juice in slightly fermented state that is considered to be panacea to many ailments. Anti-bacteria, anti-fungal and anti-pest characteristics of the Noni act as excellent digestive enzymes which can help you feel rejuvenated and invigorated. Actually a species of caffeine, Noni juice is much like a stimulator and is rich in Vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants. As a matter of fact, from the roots to the leaves –each part of Noni plant is used for various remedies.

  • As source of anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, Noni juice boosts immune system while repairing cellular damage.
  • It stimulates internal cleansing to keep stomach safe from parasitic infections and lungs from asthmatic infections.
  • As external remedy, Noni juice relieves from joint pain, skin diseases and also acts as anti-ageing solution.
  • Although there are researches being conducted by FDA, in New Zealand, Noni is considered to heal one from terminal illness like HIV and Cancer.

Noni Fruit Juice

The fruit juice works great in repelling head lice if applied on hair. Psychologically it is said to treat depression and senility. In New Zealand, people often drink the juice to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, heart and stomach ailments, circulation problems, high cholesterol, menstrual problems, fever and cold, arthritis, stroke, infections and weight loss. Many also prescribe Noni juice to treat drug addicts during rehabilitation.


Rich in antioxidants, the Noni Tea derived from the Noni leaves aids in treating digestive issues, ageing, diarrhea, food poisoning, vomiting, intestinal worms, nausea, hair loss and grey hair problems.

Those buying fresh fruits can extract juice at home and those buying the juice from any shop should check the sugar level used in flavoring. People with diabetes and liver diseases should not take sugary Noni juice as its beneficial properties decrease with added sugar.

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