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Noni Juice.

Fresh, organic and undiluted from the Cook Islands.

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Why are our Noni products such great value?

Our company specializes in nutritional supplements as well as the natural health food sector. We are proud of our customer service and the excellent quality of our products. The main lines are Noni juice and capsules as well as other Noni health products. For more information, go to  Noni juice products page.
We work directly together with Noni growers all over the world to give you the best possible prices for the best quality Noni juice. Free delivery worldwide is just one way to show you that we appreciate your trust in Noni USA, quality and service.

Our "PURE NONI JUICE" comes from the lush, nutrient rich environment of the Cook Islands

We added a new health information section to our site at which you can access here Health Information. The purpose of this section is to provide our visitors with valuable general health information in all areas of the alternative health remedies and herbal area.



Noni Juice information blog where you can participate in asking health or Noni juice related question or comment on existing health statements. You can find the blog here Noni Juice Health Blog

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It is a mission to make this wonderful fruit available to everyone, and so this is reflected in the price. It should be the most necessary item on your food shopping list. Our company has an exclusive marketing agreement with a group of Noni growers on the Cook Islands. The commitment to this product is one of excellence in terms of hygiene, quality control and presentation. Aiming for an affordable price is a larger issue than simply making things cheaper. 
The goal is a simple one: To make this wonderful gift of Mother Nature affordable to everyone who would benefit from its use.

NONI IS OUR FOOD not an alternative therapy.

When we spend less on visits to our health professionals and health products, which we would generally pur­chase, then we will realize the HUGE financial and health giving benefits that the Noni juice can offer.

Check our prices - Noni price list

You can not be Happy if you are not Healthy! 

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Bulk Noni Juice Available!
We can supply certified organic Noni juice in 1000L units worldwide. We are able to supply you from strong fermented to fresh Noni Juice. Alternatively we can work to your specifications.  Natures Products Ltd has EU approval, which is required to supply European countries. 
Please contact us for further information.

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Return Policy:  In case of goods arriving damaged, a full refund of the purchase price will be credited (proof of damage required). Alternatively free replacement of goods can be arranged. If you, as the customer, for any reason are not completely satisfied with our products, send the remaining unopened goods back to us for a full refund of the purchase price excluding any transport, duty or any other cost.

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