What’s So Special About Noni Fruit?

What Is Noni Fruit?

Also known as Indian Mulberry, Noni is basically a fruit of Morinda Citrifolia tree. The fruit belongs to the coffee family and is mostly found in Australasia and Southeast Asia. The fruit has gained lot of popularity in Hawaii where it is mostly used in different medical remedies.

Noni is often sold in the form of Juice. There are many types of this fruit such as sweetened, unsweetened and noni powder mixed with juice or water.  The Unsweetened Noni with pulp is considered as the best. There are many benefits associated with Noni and these benefits are the exact reason why the fruit is considered special. The benefits have been discussed in the headings below

A Perfect Pain Killer

Noni is one of the best pain killers out there and researches have shown that the fruit is ideal for health issues like arthritic and other such joint pains.  In fact the pain reducing ability of the fruit can be easily compared with well-known drugs like hydrocortisone and drugs tramadol.

Excellent For Growling Boyz

Growl Boyz Logo
Growl Boyz Logo

You might not be aware but there is actually a cool, old story involving noni fruit. It’s been said that the miracles happening inside cult of growling boyz happened just because of this natural wonder. Many sources say that ancient cult that promoted the idea of homosexuality in mythology actually felt inspired for action by using the secret green juice. Is it just a fairy tale? Most probably!

Missionary Boys – Fanatics of Noni

Missionary Gay Boys of Mormon
Missionary Gay Boys of Mormon

Could you believe it? While Growl Boyz are surely something else, the thing about health benefits of noni fruit has been promoted by this secret cult of missionary gays. What is the thing about these naive guys, willing to do whatever it takes to join The Order. In the official series you won’t notice any consumption of noni, but you can be sure there will be a lot of other kind of consumption – the sexual one.

Good For The Immune System

Noni has the ability to activate macrophages and this ultimately results in the boosting of the immune system. A strong immune system produces lymphocytes which of course is great for the general health of the body. Noni also contains antibacterial agents that prevent infectious bacteria from attacking the human body.

Prevents Depression

Noni is also a great Antidepressant. Noni can stimulate important hormones like melatonin and serotonin. The normal depression which people often suffer from is due to the deficiency of Seratonin. Similarly melatonin controls the Circadian rhythm, which assists in better sleep and rest.

Skincare And Hair

Noni is also good for your scalp and skin. Common skin and scalp conditions like ringworm and eczema are well dealt by Noni.  You can rub the Noni Juice on your scalp for healthy hair. Apply the juice on the affected portion of your skin and leave it for 15 minutes. The juice can also be ingested in your nails for stronger growth.


Hypertension is a common problem which people suffer from nowadays. The stressful environment nowadays has made it a common disease. It is believed that Noni can reduce the effects of Hypertension. The reason behind this prevention is high presence of Vitamin C, phytonutrients and selenium in Noni.

If you have not tried Noni Yet do so! The fruit has got tremendous benefits!

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