Points to Be Pondered Before Consuming Noni Products

There has been a huge hype about noni products all around the world considering all the health benefits that are associated with it. With all the positive reactions of this fruit from various medical professionals and users, it is not tough to get tempted to use and reap the benefits of this wonder plant.

Noni medicinal properties are very attractive and have provided benefits to a number of people all around the world.

But before buying and trying the product for yourself, here are a few things that a person needs to keep in mind:


“There are a few people that are allergic to the noni plant.”

There are a few people that are allergic to the noni plant. There are a few side effects that come with it, like rashes and vomiting. The allergic reactions are usually very sudden and happen as soon as the person consumes the noni fruit or any other noni extract.

Liver Problems

There are a few substances present in the noni juice that are responsible for promoting toxicity in the liver. The substances are anthraquinones. There are a number of liver cases reported from drinking noni juice, so the people who have liver problems are advised to avoid drinking it.

Kidney Problems

Another side effect of noni products is that it can cause acute kidney problems. There is a huge amount of potassium present in noni juice that is responsible for causing even more harm in the people already suffering from kidney ailments. It is advised to the people with kidney problems to strictly avoid taking noni juice.


There are high levels of potassium present in noni products which can increase the body’s potassium limit and cause harm. The people who are allergic to potassium should avoid the intake of noni products, as well as the people who are suffering from kidney problems should not drink or consume noni fruit in any form.

“The most common digestive problems are gas and bloating and cease within a short period of time.”


Consumption of the noni fruit can cause digestive problems like diarrhea, constipation, bloody stools, bloating and gas. The most common digestive problems are gas and bloating and cease within a short period of time, although severe cases of diarrhea can happen because of noni juice and might lead to dehydration and weakness in the body. So consuming noni as a mixture with other juices is advisable.


Respiratory problems such as breathlessness, cough, shortness of breath, etc., are caused by the consumption of noni products. There are people who have reportedly faced these side effects and when the consumption of the product was stopped, the problems also went away.

Skin Issues

Ironically the noni products are responsible for curing as well as harming the skin. In some people the consumption of noni has resulted in skin rashes, pimples, acne, boils and skin eruptions. Due to the very little amount of research done on the noni plant, the cause behind it is unknown.

Menstrual Bleeding

Consumption of noni products has sometimes been the reason for heavy bleeding in women during the menstrual cycle. Along with the bleeding there have been reports of increased pain during menstrual cramps in a lot of women. So it is advised to not drink it until periods are over.

Bad Breath

The most common side effect and the thing to note is that the consumption of noni causes bad breath and bad smelling urine. This is less of a side effect and more of an embarrassment for most people.

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